RDK Lightning User Interface

In this week’s news article we’d like to share with you the work we have been doing on a ‘Lightning’ based UI for use with the DTVKit RDK DVB integration.

Lightning is a Javascript application framework for developing TV Apps, that was pioneered by Metrological and is part of the RDK ecosystem. The Lightning framework provides rich animation with high performance WebGL for rendering, uses HTML5 standards, smart optimisations and efficient memory management

Following the integration of the DTVKit DVB stack with the RDK software platform we have migrated our reference DTV ‘Wave’ UI to the RDK Lightning application framework. The UI has a complete set of screens for all the standard features required by an STB or DTV including Main Menu, Settings, Channel List, EPG, Now/Next, Programme Information, etc. The UI’s look and feel is readily tailored to a manufacturer’s requirements, and the framework supports the addition of extra screens as required.

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