DVB in Android


OBS has integrated the DTVKit DVB stack with the Android TV Input Framework (TIF), enabling manufacturers to offer traditional broadcast content together with the wide range of Apps and IP services supported by Android today. Our DVB Android integration is compatible with all versions of Android that support the TIF and enables manufacturers to leverage the standard features of Android when developing their product. We offer a complete solution, which provides a suite of market-proven DTV software components integrated with Android: DVB stack, MHEG engine, and CI Plus stack.


OBS is the founding member of DTVKit; we leverage its core software components to provide a royalty-free solution to all of its members. The solution is also available to non-members under direct licence from OBS.

DVB in Android

Our DVB Android solution is done the clever way, it has been architected from the ground up to ensure that it is fully Android compliant, along with support for Treble and MediaCAS.















The DTVKit Android integration supports zapper level functionality, which can be easily demonstrated using the standard Android Live Channels App. The following features are supported via the App:

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PVR and Timeshift Support

Electronic Programme Guide

Full 7-day EPG

Multi-Standard Tuner

Multi-Standard Tuner

DVB Icon

DVB stack compatible with major standards


DVB Subtitle and Teletext Support

Interconnects a CAM and Digital receiver

Flexible to meet specific Operator/Regional broadcast requirements

OBS DVB in Android Architecture

OBS has integrated the DTVKit DVB stack via the Android TV Input Framework (TIF) to ensure compatibility with the Android architecture. The TIF is a part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and provides a mechanism to integrate 3rd party TV services with Android. To integrate DTVKit’s DVB stack with the TIF, OBS has developed a high-level interface API which enables the DVB stack to be presented as a service within Android.

DTVKit Android Architecture

DTVKit Android Architecture

In Android versions 'N', and 'O' a Binder IPC mechanism is used directly to integrate with the TIF. However, Android 'P' adopts the 'Treble' architecture which separates the core Android system from the vendor supplied, hardware specific, elements. This is to enable the core of Android to be updated more easily, without being reliant on hardware manufacturers to roll out updates. In order to be compliant with the 'Treble' architecture the DTVkit integration moves to a HIDL defined interface, rather than using Binder directly, but is otherwise unchanged.

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OBS has donated the basic DVB Android stack integration to the DTVKit community and it is now available to members. Non-DTVKit members are able to license the solution directly from OBS, subject to the agreement of commercial terms. OBS has also been extending the basic DVB integration to include additional features including:

  • Timeshift & PVR
  • MHEG
  • CI Plus
  • Conditional Access (CA) via the MediaCas API

These features, as well as general support, consultancy, and development services are available from OBS to help manufacturers bring their Android DVB products to market.

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Our DVB Android solution provides you with a whole host of benefits ranging from customisation to faster time to market. Our solution ensures that you provide your end user with a complete solution, done the clever way...

We can offer a complete DVB Android solution

A Complete Solution

OBS provides a complete suite of market-proven DTV software components integrated with Android: DVB stack, MHEG engine, and CI Plus.

Our DVB Android solution is current with the latest version of Android


We ensure that our solution is up-to-date with the latest Android releases.


Our DVB Android solution is done the clever way

Done the Clever Way

OBS is architected from the ground up to be Android compliant, with support for Treble and MediaCAS.

OBS DVB Android solution is fully customisable


The DVB stack uses a plug-in based approach to ensure that it can be customised to support the specific SI tables & descriptors found in certain Operators or regional broadcasts.



OBS is a founding member of the DTVKit shared source community. We leverage its core software components to provide royalty free solutions to its members.




We are the official support members for DTVKit; we can support you with the DTVKit software, ensuring that any of your questions and queries are answered from our expert team.

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