HbbTV is a s a European digital TV standard, but has become a global initiative in the last 5 years


HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is a European digital TV standard, but has become a global initiative in the last five years. It brings together elements of many other standards and existing web technologies (such as OIPF, CEA, WC3 and DVB) to harmonise the delivery of broadcast and broadband content to consumers.

Through a hybrid IPTV set-top box or connected TV, HbbTV software enables consumers to access new broadcaster services including catch-up TV, video on demand (VoD), interactive advertising, voting, games, and social networking, as well as programme-related services such as digital text and EPGs.


This global initiative has been developed with the end user in mind to ensure that they are getting the best possible viewing experience; it has been developed by industry leaders with the end goal of improving the video user experience for consumers by enabling innovative and interactive services over broadcast and broadband networks.

A feature of HbbTV is interactive advertising

Interactive Advertising



Video on Demand


Electronic Programme Guide




Catch up TV

Catch up TV

HbbTV Market Adoption

HbbTV is now actively deployed in ~26 countries worldwide and is being trialled, or is under consideration in ~30 additional countries.  Europe, and most notably Germany, The Netherlands, and France, amongst the first to launch HbbTV services, with other European countries following suit when they saw the potential it provided. For example, Polish public broadcaster TVP beginning its HbbTV activities just before Euro 2012 and has since launched apps for other sporting events, such as the London Olympic Games and the World Cup.  Neighbouring countries, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have made similar progress in pioneering apps for the World Cup and other sporting events. The UK adopted HbbTV as part of its FreeviewPlay standard, and it is also gaining interest outside of Europe, in areas such as: Australia, South-East Asia, and Africa. In Australia, Freeview has formally launched HbbTV under its licensed name ‘Freeview Plus’.

HbbTV Map

HbbTV Infrastructure

HbbTV Infrastructure

OBS HbbTV Solutions

OBS offers a complete HbbTV 1.5 compliant solution based on a series of software components:

  • Sunrise DVB stack to receive digital broadcast
  • DSM-CC for the broadcast transmission of applications
  • QT Webkit based HbbTV 1.5 compliant browse

HbbTV 2.x

For HbbTV 2.x OBS does not offer a compliant browser and instead works with a range of industry partners to deliver an HbbTV 2.x compliant browser while OBS offers the DVB stack and DSM-CC software components for integration.


HbbTV has been deployed in over 36 countries and powers a total of 44 million devices worldwide. This global initiative provides users with a wide range of benefits that can be used to provide end users with a positive experience.

Access to advanced services

Access to Advanced Skills

Users can benefits from a variety of advanced services on their TV, via a single device. These advanced features consist of broader content from TV providers - ranging from traditional broadcast TV, video-on-demand and catch up TV.

Easy porting is a benefit of our HbbTV solution

Easy Porting

This software allows for easy porting onto client hardware or third party software. This results in saving you time, meaning you can invest your time in other beneficial areas.


Our HbbTV solution complies with industry standards

Complies with Industry Standards

HbbTV is an industry standard; it has been based on aspects of existing standards and web technologies including OIPF, CEA, DVB, MPEG-DASH and W3C.

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