OBS support DTVKit with their DVBCore integration into RDK

OBS is pleased to announce that we have been working with DTVKit on the integration of DVB with the open source software platform, RDK.

Click here to see read the recent Press Release from DTVKit in relation to the integration with RDK.

There is growing interest in RDK as a software platform for Operator set-top boxes and the integration of DTVKit’s DVBCore makes it possible to meet the needs of Operators with broadcast satellite, terrestrial and cable services.

OBS’s DVB expertise was key to integrating the DVB stack with the RDK architecture whilst incurring minimal changes to the existing software components. The integration enables both local and networked playback of DVB services, with full service information and EPG data being available locally and to networked clients. The integration is compatible with both RDK 3 and RDK 4 based systems.

To see a demonstration of how DVBCore is integrated with RDK, please watch the video below:

For further information, please check out our RDK Products Page or contact us at info@oceanbluesoftware.co.uk