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Closed Caption Support for DTVkit

This month we’d like to give you some insight into some work that we have been doing for DTVKit with Closed Captions. As part of its DTV software offering to its members DTVKit provides a DVB stack, DVBCore. DVBCore has many compelling features that have led to it being used by manufacturers in millions of […]

It’s Been an Eventful Year ! – 2020 Retrospective

It’s been somewhat of an up and down year for all of us, but we have still managed to achieve many things which we are proud of. Back in January we were excited and looking for to the year ahead, with our focus being on all things RDK. We were busy working with DTVkit to […]

RDK Lightning User Interface

Lightning is a Javascript application framework for developing TV Apps, that was pioneered by Metrological and is part of the RDK ecosystem.

Multicast IPTV Support for DVBCore

Multicast is not widely used as a TV delivery mechanism as Operators need to invest in a managed network but some Operators have chosen to go down this path for their IPTV services. The benefit of a ‘managed’ IPTV network is that it enables the Operator to control how traffic is routed and prioritised…

Platform independent DVB stack for Android

OBS and DTVKit have continued to provide Android DVB solutions for over 3 years now. We started by integrating the DTVKit DVB stack with Android ‘N’, using the TV Input Framework (TIF) to ensure compatibility with the Android architecture. From there we migrated to ‘O’…

MHEG as an Android Application

This month we thought it’d be a good opportunity to update you on some of the work that we have been doing with MHEG. This is somewhat of an ‘old meets new scenario’ as we have actually been working on taking our MHEG engine code and migrating it to an Android App. Why have we done this?

HbbTV Enables Addressable Advertising

Advertising is a key revenue stream for Operators/Broadcasters and the potential to target adverts to specific audience/demographic is somewhat of a holy grail in advertising…

OBS Migrates DTVKit’s DVB Stack to RDK 4.0

Lockdown has been a busy period for us, with the end of March seeing us abandon the office, and adapt to working from home life. We have used the time to move forward with our work on RDK, specifically the integration of the DTVKit DVB stack with the RDK software framework…

“OBS’s domain knowledge in DTVKit, HbbTV and UI technologies, complemented our own software team and was key in helping us to bring the Saorview Connect product to market.”